CEO's Message

It is a great privilege to welcome you to the website of Agaciro Development Fund (AGDF). The website provides you information about the AGDF and its business. The inception of the AGDF dates back in 2011 during the 9th Umushyikirano (National Dialogue). The Fund was then officially launched on 23 August 2012 by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame.


Since its establishment, the AGDF has relied on contributions from Rwandans and friends of Rwanda. The AGDF has singled out as its core mission, the incremental of the AGDF to the levels of the fiscal reserves that may strengthen Rwanda’s resilience in times of adverse economic conditions. Rwandans have thus endowed the fund with the mandate of investing the collected funds to produce sizeable returns, as well as engaging with Rwandans and their friends to encourage more contributions to the Fund.


To scale up the AGDF’s operations towards the attainment of its mandate, clear strategies to manage it have been established including the appointment of the Board of Trustees by the Cabinet drawn from different sectors of economy and putting in place functional organization structure. 

The first Board meeting was held on 11 August 2014. One of the major resolutions taken at the meeting was that the fund be invested immediately. Presently, the fund is invested in local market, into commercial banks as term deposits and treasury bonds. 


Looking ahead, we remain optimistic on the future of the Fund. Our staff continues to demonstrate tremendous enthusiasm, drive and commitment. We will endeavor to continue building on accountability and transparent management that we have nurtured since AGDF’s inception. However, whist we keep momentum to secure high long-term real return of the fund and are highly appreciative of the contributions that have been made to AGDF by Rwandans and friends of Rwanda, it is worth mentioning that the Fund’s sustainability remains reliant on its ownership by Rwandans. It is therefore important that a culture of voluntary contributions to the Fund be fostered.


We, therefore, invite you to join us in our effort to fulfill our obligations to take Rwandans as a Nation where it deserves to be and ensure that we build a better Rwanda for ourselves and especially safeguard wealth for the generations that come after us.

We thank you and appreciate your support to Agaciro Development Fund.